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Please see the application page for more information regarding project funding and investments before contacting us or filling a general contact form on this page. We require that you fill a form that was created for such inquiries, this will enable us to ensure that our team will not waste time on unrealistic general inquiries without much details on projects that will not be of interest to us. Our representatives will not call you to hold discussions, schedule office appointments or return phone calls without having adequate information ahead. This is also to save you time without you having to take time to request and complete a comprehensive application form with details of a project which may not interest us.  All communications and official documents out of the UAE should be submitted in English. We do not offer a translation service. 

UAE Investors Group offers various client referral rewarding and marketing campaigns through few selected reputable marketing agencies, networking platforms and marketing representatives globally.  Please note that we can identify and help you to verify those marketing agencies and representatives in our system for your safety if you have been contacted with a referral marketing offer. Those agencies or representatives will ONLY contact you with company domain emails and MUST refer you to us if you are in need of our services. They are NOT allowed to offer you financial services by using our name without our knowledge. And they will NEVER contact you from free email service providers such as GMAIL, HOTMAIL, OUTLOOK, YAHOO Etc.  We take serious measures to protect you from falling prey to cyber criminals, and to protect our firm’s reputation from unlawful misuse of our name, and information for illegal activities. 

It is your responsibility to be vigilant and UAE Investors Group will not be held liable for any loss or damage. With the representative or communication verification process, you will be able to verify if a communication is from UAE Investors Group or one of it’s marketing or referral representatives. If you are in contact with an individual that you think is not working for UAE Investors Group, please follow the verification procedure below. 

Verification Procedure: Please ask for the Ten (10) digit MARCC (Marketing Agency Referral Campaign Code), Agency Name, Representative ID & Name. If the individual is a direct employee of UAE Investors Group, and you want to be sure, you can request for His/Her Name & EID (Employee Identification Number) or Executive Team Member ID #.

Send those details to us at: with email subject: Verification Request. Our Cyber Security Team will contact you with a confirmation.

Got a question? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible. 

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COVID-19 UPDATE: As part of our effort to keep our clients and employees safe during this global Covid-19 pandemic, and the implementation of remote work system due to the anti-corona virus precautionary measures as part of the country’s intensified efforts to limit the spread of the deadly virus. Majority of our employees will be working remotely, and our hours of operation below will be affected by these measures. Please note that, office visitation will also be limited by appointment only and Covid-19 safety prescreening measures will be in place prior to visitation. We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep our commitment to serve you better. Thank You for your understanding & Stay Safe!

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